Geostatistical weighting is the process of assigning weights to geospatial data using the geospatial coordinates of the samples. Obtained weights are often used for declustering and importance sampling.

BlockWeighting(side₁, side₂, ...)

A weighting method that assigns weights to points in spatial object based on blocks of given sides. The number n of points inside a block determines the weights 1/n of these points.

DensityRatioWeighting(tdata, [vars]; [options])

Density ratio weights based on empirical distribution of variables in target data tdata. Default to all variables.

Optional parameters

  • estimator - Density ratio estimator (default to LSIF())
  • optlib - Optimization library (default to default_optlib(estimator))


Estimators from DensityRatioEstimation.jl are supported.